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easter online mission


Teesside churches sharing the good news together this easter

This Easter Sunday Christians all over Teesside will be sharing a 1 min video of themselves telling how Jesus has changed their lives. 

Its really simple.

1. Plan your story 

2. Video yourself on a phone or camera

3. Post it to social media on Easter Sunday

4. Use these hashtags somewhere in your post

#jesuschangedmylife #transformingteessidetogether

Here are some tips


Each one of us has an amazing story of how we met Jesus and He has changed our lives. Often when the apostle Paul was sharing the Gospel he referred back to his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus and how that encounter changed his life. Your encounter is just as powerful to share.


- Think about the key points of change that Jesus has brought into your life. 

- Make it personal, your story is unique to everyone else's story. 

- Sound passionate when you talk (although talking into a camera isn't natural for most of us remember that you are talking to people who don't know Jesus, let them know that you are passionate about this topic in the way you talk. 


A hash tag is a way of linking together lots of different social media posts. On all the social media platforms it is possible to see all of the other posts that have been tagged with the same #. So we are asking you to use these two hash tags somewhere in your post.



Its really easy, when you are writing your post just type these hashtags into the post somewhere and it will link them up with everyone else in Teesside doing the same thing this Easter. 


Here are some images/graphics that you can use to share with your churches and organisations. Please feel free to use however you like. 

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